AER Boston Conference E-Readers Presentation

Steve Kelley, CVRT (Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist) will be presenting E-readers at the New England AER Conference on August 13, 2011. For a copy of the presentation outline as a Word file click E-book_readers. For a copy of the comparison chart, click E-book_readers2. To view the Power Point presentation, click E-Reader Presentation.

To listen to the presentation: AER 2011 Presentation on Ereaders by Steve Kelley, CVRT

Kindle Accessibility video presented by Steve Kelley CVRT

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  1. wwwlowv says:

    Here is an updated review by Amy Mason on the NFB Braille Monitor for January 2012: Mainstream Access to E-Books–What Works, What Doesn’t, and What Is Still Unclear. This review covers popular software that is available to run on PC, Mac, and iOS devices, and the accessibility users can expect.

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