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Apple iOS is the operating system in the Apple devices including Apple’s iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Apple provides accessibility out-of-the-box with features such as Zoom and VoiceOver, located in the Settings App or Menu, under Accessibility. To get started using these features, check out the following resources:

  • iOS 12 Without the Eye by Jonathan Mosen from Mosen Consulting is a quicker read than some of the others and will get you up and running with your device quickly.
  • is a website that lets you choose which Apple device you are using, with which operating system, and then select specific lessons. Lessons are well-done and free, so this is a great resource!
  • is a website devoted to Apple users with a vision impairment. It is a great site to look for app reviews, tutorials, podcasts and guides.
  • No cost tech support is available for Apple users who use any accessibility features on their products by calling Apple Accessibility toll free at 877-204-3930. My calls to Apple Accessibility have been great experiences, with knowledgeable, patient tech support personnel.

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