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Day 18: 31 Days of Braille

Luis Perez on Braille

On a recent episode of the AT Banter podcast, Luis Perez, universal design advocate spoke about the value of braille. As with all their podcast interviews, this one was informative about the direction universal design was moving in, the impact on employment, ADA and legislation, but the conversation turned to braille at 40:25  into Episode 83. Here there was a great discussion of the value of low tech systems, like braille that work when tech fails, the value of teaching braille in school, and learning braille as an adult, as Luis and at least one of the moderators did.

At one point Perez speaks about looking for a “disruption” in refreshable braille technology–that is, a change in both the way the pins on the existing braille displays work and contribute to the cost, and the need for a dramatic reduction in the cost of braille displays…but I’ve written enough! Listen to AT Banter, Episode 83!

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