Day 30: 31 Days of Braille

Braille Training at no Cost

How many times has the Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired been mentioned during the last 30 days? Hadley offers a correspondence course for individuals who are blind or visually impaired at no cost–in the comfort of your home. There’s no catch, other than the homework.

Also mentioned perhaps te same number of times, the Vision Aware Directory of Service where you can look for a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist, or braille instructor near you. Often, there is no cost for these services. any states provide these service at no cost.

Here’s that link again to the slate and stylus, which is used to create braille on heay stock paper. It’s #11.95 from LS&S Products.

What else is holding you back?

#31DaysofBraille. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions about #31DaysofBraille? Send an email to skelley4195 at, tweet to @lowvisiontech, or leave a comment on the LowVisionTech Facebook Page.

Day 29: 31 Days of Braille

Day 30: 31 Days of Braille


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