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Day 6: 31 Days of Braille

Braille in the Workplace

If you are blind or visually impaired you are probably familiar with the unemployment statistics for individuals with a vision loss– over 70% are unemployed, and that number has changed very little in recent years.

What if you are an employer, and recognize that there may be a number of highly qualified individuals, who would be a perfect fit for your company, who are braille readers? How would you accommodate that? Braille isn’t the only way to read print without vision. Many  might use a screen reader, software that reads digital text aloud or scan it into a mart phone, tablet or computer, and read it using text to speech.

Providing braille in the workplace is not as difficult as you might think. Chances are, if someone is a braille reader, they may an electronic braille display which will convert many documents you send them electronically into braille. Software, such as Duxbury or Dolphin Easy Converter  will convert many text file formats into a braille format that can be read with a braille display or printed with a braille embosser. If you need help getting a document converted or embossed in braille look up a local state agency or community agency providing services to consumers with a vision impairment at the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB).

Here’s an example of Michael Maguire demonstrating and explaining how a braille display is used to read information from a website in a work environment.

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Day 5: 31 Days of Braille


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