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Global Accessibility Day

To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2019 I wanted to put all the support numbers in one place for convenient reference:

Amazon Accessibility

Amazon Accessibility Phone Support: 1-888-283-1678

Support for various features of the devices on their website (assuming you have already developed the skills and knowledge of these features to the point where you can access the website).

Apple Accessibility

Without exception, my experiences personally and with clients has always been positive with Apple Accessibility phone supoort.

Apple Accessibility Phone Support: 877-204-3930

Apple Accessibility email:

BlindShell Support: 833-972-2020

Freedom Scientific (JAWS, Magic, ZoomText

Freedom Scientific Phone Support

Freedom Scientific Phone Support: 727-803-8600

Freedom Scientific Email Support:

Google Accessibility 

On the website linked above users may complete a form to ask a question or request a call from Google Accessibility Support. You may also email your question directly to Google using the email form. A very cool new option is to place a phone call through the Be My Eyes app. If you are a regular user of Google Accessibility, this new feature alone makes the free Be My Eyes app a must have! And no, unfortunately, there is no other way right now to make a direct call to Google Accessibility.

Google Support: 855-836-3987

Blind Android Users Team

Microsoft Accessibility Support

Microsoft Disability Answer Desk

Microsoft Disability Answer Desk phone: 800-936-5900

NV Access Support (NVDA Screen Reader)

Using the NV Access Support webpage users will find email lists and access to paide phone support for NVDA screen reader, as well as user guides and video tutorials

Samsung Tech Support by Phone

Spectrum  Accessibility
Phone: 844-762-1301

Verizon Accessibility Resources Center
Verizon Accessibility Support Phone:  (888) 262-1999


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