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iOS 13–You Can Wait

While we await the Shelly Brisbin’s update to her accessibility bible, iOS Access for All iOS 13 Edition due out in mid-November, many of the beta testers for iOS 13 are suggesting a wait and see approach. If you are purchasing a new iPhone it will come with iOS 13, and if you have automatic updates turned on, you may already have downloaded iOS 13 or 13.1,

If you haven’t already downloaded and installed the update, you may want to hit the pause button and wait for a later version of iOS 13–perhaps iOS 13.2. Here are some links worth checking out if you are on the fence about this:


AppleVis Extra 69” The iOS and iPad OS 13 Roundtable includes a discussion with veteran iOS accessibility beta testers, who suggest if you are adventuresome and somewhat techy–go for it, you can manage the bugs and restarts needed. For the rest of us, hold off a bit!

What’s New to the iPad in iOS 13 from AppleVis

Apple to Release iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 on 24 September; Bringing Many Bug Fixes and Some New from AppleVis

Blind Bargains Quest 193 podcast includes a discussion of the iOS 13 updates and usability

iOS 13 from Apple website

Accessibility Menu in iOS 13 Gets Huge Improvement Cool Blind Tech

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