Jott a Memo, ReQall a Tweet

Steve Kelley NE/AER Conference Poster Session: Jott a Memo, Reqall a Tweet

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 Jott, Reqall and Twitter are all services that may be integrated with a voice telephone (cell or land line) and a computer. After the initial set-up they do not require the use of a computer so they may offer some simple, practical applications to non computer users.

All 3 services use text-to-speech technology that converts a voice message into text. Twitter is a free service, Reqall has a free basic service, and Jott offers basic service for $3.95/month, so all three are affordable and incorporate toll free numbers to leave voice messages.

Basic Information for each:



$3.95/ month for basic service called Jott Assistant

15 seconds of recording time



Free for basic service

30 seconds of recording time


Voice service

TweetCall 877-893-3822


140 character messages on Twitter

How can this be used practically?


Recall Basic is my favorite so let’s use this as an example. The ReQall toll-free number  was  put on speed dial for both my work and personal cell phones. When I wish to record a 30 second note or message, I call ReQall and follow the voice prompts to add my message. Once added, I may add another message or hang up. The voice message is transcribed and forwarded as text to my email address, and includes a link to hear the original audio voice message. I have used ReQall to record notes after a client visit, record an address and phone number, a passage from a book—anything.

In addition to email, a transcribed message from ReQall may be reviewed at the ReQall Web site after logging in.  Users have the option to read messages as a RSS feed, listen to the messages as an audio recording, or sort the messages by date or topic.  Messages may also be played back over the phone using voice commands to move back and forth between messages.

To listen to an example of leaving the voice message, click here:

Te read the message transcribed on the NEAER RSS feed created fir this presentation, click here.



Other practical applications might include an address book, telephone numbers, brief directions, recipes, etc. Because messages may be played back over the phone, ReQall on speed-dial can make a very accessible way for clients to keep important information “with them”.


Twitter allows users to “Tweet” a message to their Twitter account of up to 140 characters. This may be done using a voice telephone. The Twitter account is free to set up at Users may use third-party services such as TweetCall or Jott to have a brief voice message transcribed and posted (remember 140 characters or less).

For an example of Tweets made by phone check out the Twitter account set up for this poster session at

You may notice when reading the Tweets that there are times when the voice recognition posts something that may be difficult to understand. For example, the phone number for ReQall was transcribed as 8889 Reqall, or my name spelled as Kelly rather than Kelley. You will also find this sort of thing with the ReQall transcriptions sent to email or RSS feeds.

Like ReQall Twitter is free and could be used to compile short bits of information such as phone numbers, addresses, quick notes, etc. Tweet Call is a speed dial number on my personal phone, and when I see something appropriate to post to Twitter, I make a quick call.

To review messages posted to Twitter by voice telephone, requires a third-party service like Jott, and is not nearly as simple as ReQall for non computer users. Twitter is ideal for computer users who need the ability to record a quick message to be retrieved later via the computer.

Keep in mind Twitter is really a “social networking” application, so information on Twitter is meant to be shared and found on the Internet. Putting private or personal information on Twitter would not be safe.


Like ReQall, Jott takes a voice message and transcribes it to am email that can be sent to you, accessed on the Jott Web site, or read from an RSS feed. Basic service for Jott is $3.95/month (Jott Assistant) and includes many features not available on the ReQall free service. At the basic level, however, users are limited to 15 second messages, half what is available on the free ReQall account. This can be a significant difference if users intend to leave detailed notes.

Jott has some really great features for $3.95/month. For example, users may subscribe to RSS feeds such as APH’s Fred’s Head (, listen to their email, make a short post to Twitter, a blog, or Yahoo Group, make a calendar or task entry to Outlook or Google calendars, and more. And remember, this is all accomplished through voice commands on the phone!

Many of these features have clear applications for professionals and computer users, and some may have applications for non computer users as well. For example, once Jott is set up, a client might have access to a variety of feeds about local events, specific hobbies or interests that they might not have access to otherwise.

In summary, all three services: Jott, ReQall, and Twitter use speech-to-text technology, to convert voice messages, left by phone, to text messages. Both Jott and ReQall allow users to access these message using a toll free number, or through various ways on the computer—email, RSS feed, or the service Web site. With some creativity each service may be used to increase access to information using the voice telephone.

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