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Smart Speaker Basics

Smart Speaker Basics
Steve Kelley, CVRT, CRC, CATIS

The following notes may be downloaded as a LP Word Doc titled Smart Speaker Basics.

  • Digital assistants are software or artificial intelligence, and may be on different devices. For example, you can find Alexa, the digital assistant on the Amazon Echo, Kindle Fire, in the Alexa app on an Android, etc.
  • Smart speakers are pieces of hardware that contain a microphones, speakers, and a digital assistant:
    • Amazon Echo
    • Amazon Dot
    • Google Home
    • Google Home mini
    • Apple Home Pod
    • Sonos One with Alexa and Google coming
    • JBL with Google Assistant
  • All speakers require wifi network and public wifi networks do not seem to work well or at all

Unique Features of the digital assistants

Apple Siri

  • HomePod is great speaker
  • For the Apple world only
  • Very limited outside the Apple world
  • Unique setup

Google Assistant

  • Native to Google Home and Google Home mini
  • Can call a number based on a request, “Call the Iris Network on Park Ave in Portland.”
  • Phone calls by contact or number
  • Conversational questions
  • Google Play Books
  • Choice of voices male/female; at least one is slower in rate than the others
  • Currently plays radio stations on TuneIn but not podcasts

Amazon Alexa

  • Native to Amazon Echo line
  • Book reading includes some Kindles and Audible
  • Text messages
  • Phone calls by number or contact

Tunin Content Available on Amazon Echo and Google Home

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