Low Vision Tech Gift Guide

I’ll admit to being a bit squeamish about offering a gift guide, because it seems like there are just so many conflicts of interest inherent in posting any items in a gift guide. For what it’s worth, here are some points worth mentioning about the items in the Gift Guide:

  • In many instances, certainly with the optical devices, it is best to have an assessment completed with your local vision rehabilitation therapist or low vision speacialist. Why buy something that is the wrong size, or the wrong magnification for you?
  • Most of these products will contain a link to Amazon.com where i maintain an Associate’s account, meaning LowVisionTech.com will get a small slice of the pie. That said, the only items on the gift guide are items I have some familiarity and confidence sharing.
  • Lastly, until we are in a position where we need some of these products, we have no idea that they even exist, so in spite of the fact that it is called a Gift Guide, I’d like to think of it as educational.


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