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Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

A vision rehabilitation therapist (VRT) is a professional who specializes in working with individuals who have a vision loss. It is usually a Master’s level professional, who is most likely certified through the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP) as a Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (CVRT).

Although your optometrist, ophthalmologist and low vision doctor are always your primary sources for medical information related to your vision and health, a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist usually works through your state’s rehabilitation services network, through a state agency or non-profit agency. This means that in most instances you may refer yourself or family member directly, without first going through your doctor. Services are often provided at no-out-of-pocket cost or on a sliding scale. Funding for vision rehabilitation services is usually provided through a mix of federal and state dollars.

To find a vision rehabilitation therapist near you, use the Vision Aware Search to find services.

For more detailed information about what a VRT does check out the following resources:

Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AERBVI), one of the largest professional organizations for VRTs;

Association of Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (AVRT) formerly known as the Mid Atlantic Conference of Rehabilitation Teachers;

Chegg Career Spotlight on Vision Rehabilitation Therapist, highlight vision rehabilitation therapy as a career;

Vision Aware’s Vision Rehabilitation Services page, describes the wide range of services consumers may find helpful with a vision loss.

To learn about college prep programs for vision rehabilitation therapists go to the AER website at

Vision Rehabilitation Therapists Week may be changing starting in 2015, so stay tuned! In 2015, Vision Rehabilitation Therapists Week may fall the week of Anne Sullivan’s birthday, April 14th, to celebrate one of the most renown vision rehab therapists. Anne Sullivan was trained as a Home Teacher, the name of the profession at the time she first started working with Helen Keller.


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