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Louis Braille and Braille Awareness Month

Louis Braille would have been 202 on Jan 4, 2011. In honor of his birthday and Braille Awareness Month, wishes to offer the following links for learning more about Braille:

Louis Braille Biography from the Louis Braille School- read the complete biography of Louis Braille online.

Braille Through Remote Learning is a great place to start learning Braille. Users will find self-paced course materials, resources and a Braille Contractions look-up tool.

Braille Bug Web site by the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) specifically for kids with information, games, and reading lists.

BrailleWorks Braille alphabet and Braille code in a great chart including basic alphabet and chart of contractions.

The comments area below will contain additional Braille links for your reference. If you know of a great Braille resourse, please pass it along!

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