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There’s An App For That

On October 6, 2011 The Iris Network and DBVI held a Demonstration and Resources Day for People With Vision Loss at York County Community College in Wells, ME. Steve Kelley presented two sessions: There’s An App For That; and Accessible Cell Phones. The handouts for this session may be downloaded from this link: or appear below:

There’s An App For That

 Apple Resources:

 All With My iPhone: includes audio tutorials about popular apps for users with vision loss

 AppleVis: for vision impaired iOS users


 LookTel Money Reader: $9.99 identifies paper currency

 Color Identifier: $1.99 identifies colors beneath the camera

Talking Tag:  $4.99 purchase digital tags $14.99/200 record messages on tags

 Learning Ally Audio (formerly RFB&D):  $19.99 Audio books for students

 Talking Calculator: $1.99 customizable talking calculator

 iBlink Radio: Free; Plays a variety of leisure and educational streaming audio including Maine Airs

 Read 2 Go: $19.99 Plays DAISY Books and interfaces with for direct downloads.

 For a copy of this sheet or to use it online, please visit

Accessible Cell Phones

 Cell Phone Resources: Youtube video series by Carroll Tech’s Brian Chalmers begins with Seminar 1

 Council of Citizens With Low Vision International Lectures with Dr. Bill Takeshita:

 Types of accessible phones:

 Smart Phones:

Apple iPhone: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint coming

Android Phones: all

Nokia Phones: all

Blackberry: AT&T

Just a Phone:

 Samsung Haven: Verizon

Jitterbug: pay-as-you-go wherever cell coverage is vailable

 Important to note:

  • Windows Mobile 7 not supporting accessibility
  • Nokia not continuing with Symbian operating system
  • Oratio for Blackberry is only available on Curve model through AT&T

 Android Accessibility:

 Eyes Free Project: to get more info read the FAQ

 Mobile Accessibility for Android Code Factory:

 For a copy of this sheet or to use it online

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