Trekker Pro and Trekker Breeze

The following article was written by Steven Kelley to accompany  this You Tube video on the Trekker Pro and Trekker Breeze prepared for the Iris Network.

Both the Trekker Pro and Trekker Breeze are GPS products from Humanware, so what’s the difference between the two? Humanware won’t appreciate the Trekker Breeze being called a “lite” version of the Trekker Pro, but in many ways, that’s how this reviewer sees it. Not only is the Trekker Breeze more compact, it is easier to operate out-of-the-box because it has fewer features. Also, the Trekker Breeze is lighter on the wallet– $895 versus $1695 for the Trekker Pro.

 The Trekker Pro was designed for a traveler who is comfortable using computer menus, and wants the ability to plan and change routes using the GPS software. Learning to use all the features of the Trekker Pro takes some time, and for this type of traveler it is time well spent. The Trekker Pro is packaged in a larger size—the Bluetooth receiver and external speaker are separate devices and the Trekker Pro is the size of a hand-held computer. The Trekker Breeze is a one-piece unit slightly larger than a large cell phone.

 The Trekker Breeze will record a route as you walk it or ride through it the first time. You may then save the route, back track through the route, and learn what businesses are on the route. You may even add points of interest along the route—the entrance to the park or a bus stop for example. These are easily recorded by voice into the Trekker Breeze database of locations, and each time the route is traveled this location will be announced as you near it. You cannot, however, type in an address on the Trekker Breeze and have the GPS calculate directions to that address. This feature is only available on the Trekker Pro.

 The Trekker Pro may also be purchased as a Trekker Maestro for an additional $200. The Maestro incorporates a complete handheld computer capable of word processing, email, Internet, etc., in addition to the GPS software.

 In summary, the Trekker Breeze is a compact GPS that is easy to learn and will assist users in maintaining a route, and locating businesses and landmarks on the route. The Trekker Pro is a GPS with expanded features such as route planning that will take up a bit more space in your backpack and require a steeper learning curve. Both GPS products will help you stay on the right track!

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