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Scanning for access to print
DBVI Vision Quest June 23, 2013 AT Presentation:

The following is a brief outline of resources related to scanning printed material using a PC, or smart device. This page also includes additional resources for Bookshare and iOS basic instruction, also part of this AT presentation.

Types of Hardware:

Personal flatbed scanner

Inexpensive, lightweight personal scanner, scans slowly and requires additional software to make OCR  (Optical Character Recognition) accessible.

Business or Library scanner

Expensive scanner/copiers that quickly scan material and may email documents as attachments in PDF or Word formats. There is one at UMO library.


Stand-alone devices such as ZoomX use a digital camera instead of scanner and OCR software to convert image into text. Many smartphones have OCR software to work with the camera.

Scanning Software:

OCR (is it accessible OCR?)

Accessible Examples:

Kurzweil 1000 $995

DocuScan Plus $299

Hadley Seminar on DocuScan Plus

Text Cloner Pro $99

Scan and Read $149


Camera Solutions

ABISEE Eye-Pal Scanning

Podcast on Eye-Pal Scanning solutions

iOS and Android Apps

TextGrabber + Translator (iOS devices) these may be used with the StandScan and StandScan Pro for improved document scanning

Text Detective (iOS devices)

Mobile OCR (free for iOS and Android)



Free to student’s including Hadleys School for the Blind students or community Adult Ed students.

Reading Bookshare books in Daisy Format

Read Out Loud for the Mac and PC

Victor Reader Soft for PC

Read2Go for iOS

Voice Dream for iOS

Darwin for Android

Go Read for Android


Accessible Reading Apps for iOS Devices

The following is a resource that lists apps for iOS devices for reading and scanning


iPad Basic Instruction Links

Quick Reference Guide for VoiceOver on iOS

Apple accessibility page

Apple dedicated line for accessibility issues: 877-204-3930

Dan’s Post on SIRI Commands!topic/viphone/T5dbJMg8aMI


Homework for the week of June 23, 2012:

Listen to the Hadley podcast on DocuScan


Listen to the podcast on ABISEE


What can you find on these software scanning applications for the PC and Mac: WYNN, Open Book, Read and Write Gold? A good place to begin this research is at the web site, under the tab, “Getting Started,”  “Read Books.” Include a brief description of the software and a link to the company’s web site.


Scan a page from the most recent Atlantic Monthly magazine using the library scanner


Download one of the free apps that work with Bookshare: Voice Dreams lite, or Blio. There is no need to purchase anything for either. Blio may ask if you wish to purchase additional text-to-speech voices, but please do not.








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