iOS Access For All

I just received the second update to an electronic book I purchased last fall for $20, titled iOS Access For All. At the time, iOS was in version 7. When iOS 8 came out, Shelly Brisbin, the author of iOS Access For All sent a link to her updated book, at no additional charge.

Recently, she updated the book to include some new changes with iOS 8.3, and forwarded a link to the updated book, at no charge.

Shelly Brisbib’s book is nearly 400 pages and is arguably the most comprehensive guide on iOS accessibility available. I’ve recommended the book to anyone I know learning to use iOS accessibility. This is one of the first resources I share with students learning to use an iOS device, and now, her stellar customer service just makes the book and working with her an even better experience.

If you don’t have the book, get it here at her website Hat’s off to a great resource and an example of customer service done right!

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