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Listening to Magazines and Newspapers

A vision loss can make reading the local paper or magazines, in print, a real challenge. Here are some alternatives to consider:

NLS Talking Books 1-800-424-8567

In Maine, the National Library Service (NLS)Talking Book Program is administered through the Maine State Library (207) 287-5650. This free service provides a player and audio books and magazines to individuals unable to access printed material, at no cost. Online:

NFB Newsline (866) 504-7300

In Maine, the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Newsline provides no-cost access to the Portland Press Herald and Bangor Daily News, by telephone (no smart phone required!), computer or iOS app, to individuals who are blind or visually impaired Subscribers may also access hundreds of other newspapers through this service. Online:

Radio Reading Services Online

Many radio reading services (also called Audio Information Services) throughout the country, now broadcast online, in addition to their more traditional service transmission by radio signal, or the secondary audio on most television sets. Radio reading services typically have volunteer readers reading community newspapers and magazines, in addition to other printed material, that may be inaccessible to individuals unable to read print.

Try these:

Los Angeles Radio Reading Service (LARRS) at

LARRS can be listened to by anyone online, the password is “independence” although it is designed for folks who can’t access print. It is free, and there are several other free ones that can be accessed by the internet.

Talking Information Center (TIC)

Based in MA, TIC offers selections read from the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and NY Times, among many others. Be sure to check out their extensive list of archived podcasts!

International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS)

Complete list of stations, station websites, and identification of those broadcasting on the internet at

Amazon Echo next to coffee cupHere’s a tip!

Some of these Audio Information Services are available through TuneIn internet broadcasting service, which means that they can be accessed using the Amazon Echo, or Google Home devices! For example, try saying “Play Triangle Radio Reading Service on TuneIn,” with either device! Access Triangle Radio Reading Service online at

Smartphone or Tablet Users

Two great resources, available for either the Android or iOS devices, available in either the Apple App Store, Google Play Store at no cost, include:

Sero (formerly iBlink Radio)

Among many other resources on the main menu, includes a link to Community Radio which includes many audio information services streaming live

AirsLA (Audio Information Reading Service of Los Angeles)

In addition to streaming service has a great archive of newspapers and magazines of interest to those outside of the LA area as well.

The Maine Reader

The Iris Network Maine Reader webpage offers a great selection of books authored by Maine writers, read by volunteers. Users may listen online or download the titles by chapter!

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Steve Kelley CVRT, CATIS

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