Shared Vision Quest Coast to Coast

Mike Robertson riding his bike on a road in IdahoShared Vision Quest is a coast to coast bicycle ride by long-distance cyclists Mike Robertson and Hans Breaux to raise awareness for retina disease, and the abilities of individuals who are legally blind. Robertson himself is legally blind as a result of a retinal disease called cone-rod dystrophy. In a recent interview with TV station WDAY 6 of Idaho, Robertson said, “With Shared Vision Quest we are looking to connect people like Hans with people like me, who have dreams together, so we can fulfill them together.”

Shared Vision Quest Coast to Coast began on Washington’s Pacific Coast, June 26, 2017 and to date, has covered nearly 2000 miles of the expected 4500 miles to their ultimate destination, West Quoddy Head, Maine. Both cyclists are riding independently, using a 2-way radio system that enables Hans, who is usually the lead rider, to provide additional information to Mike, following close behind.

The updated Shared Vision Quest Blog and Audio Diary From the Road highlight some of the adventures the two haven encountered in the past several weeks including, an unexpected trip over the handlebars, rattle snakes on the side of the road, 108 degree days, heat exhaustion, 120 mile days, and the generosity of people like Bill and Mary who spontaneously invited them to spend the night.

Become a part of this Coast to Coast Bicycle Adventure with a donation to the Shared Vision Quest GoFundMe page or by supporting Shared Vision Quest on Facebook. If you live near their route through Michigan, Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshite or Maine contact your local media, Lion;s Club, or wave as they go by!

For more details read the article on Shared Vision Quest on VisionAware’s website.


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