May’s Theme: Safe Today, Healthy Tomorrow!

May’s Theme: Safe Today, Healthy Tomorrow!

Steven Kelley, CVRT, CRC

May is Healthy Vision Month and Older American’s Month. This year’s theme for Older American’s Month is Safe Today, Healthy Tomorrow and it is certainly applicable for maintaining healthy vision, regardless of age.

The National Eye Institute ( recommends the following steps for helping to maintain healthy vision:

  1. Get a dilated eye exam- this allows your eye doctor to examine your eyes with a magnifying glass and is critical for early detection of certain eye diseases;
  2. Living a healthy lifestyle- eating a balanced diet with fresh vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, and not smoking;
  3. Learn your family’s eye history- some eye diseases are hereditary and this may help you take preventative measures;
  4. Wear protective eyewear- at work, during sporting activities, or household chores. Every 13 minutes an emergency room somewhere in the US is treating someone for a sports-related injury!
  5. Wear sunglasses- the sun’s rays may contribute to macular degeneration and cataract formation. Choose sunglasses that block 99%-100% of both UVA and UVB radiation.

Acquired vision loss from an eye injury or disease may have a negative impact on many daily living, leisure, or work-related activities. Professionals such as Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (VRTs) provide the primary rehabilitation training for vision loss. VRT services are available from your state’s rehabilitation department, or local non-profit agency, A no out-of-pocket cost.

Americans, young and old may take steps this month to help ensure healthier vision for tomorrow, by making safer decisions today—schedule a dilated eye exam, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and put on appropriate protective eye wear!

Use this link to download a copy of Safe Today, Healthy Tomorrow as a MS Word document:

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