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Spring is for Eye Safety and Vision Health


Contact: Steven Kelley CRC, CVRT
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Spring is for Eye Safety and Vision Health
Steven Kelley, CVRT, CRC

Spring brings two national health observances related to eye safety and health: April is Sports Eye Safety Month from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO); and May is Healthy Vision Month from the National Eye Institute (NEI).

The single most important step to preventing eye injuries is to wear protective eyewear. While most of us are aware of this, to a certain degree, research indicates that our awareness and practice often differ!

According to the AAO a recent survey found that less than 35% of survey respondents reported always wearing protective eye wear when working around the home and during sporting activities. This explains why nearly 40% of all eye injuries, according to the AAO, occur during sporting or leisure activities.

Most people believe that the majority of eye injuries are work related—working around machinery or on a construction job, for example. This is a myth! AAO reports that over 40% of eye injuries occurred around the home, doing activities such as home repairs, yard work, or cooking and cleaning. Of those injured, 78% were not wearing any type of protective eyewear.

If you do have an eye injury it is important to get prompt medical attention from an ophthalmologist or other medical doctor, even if the injury seems minor.

Acquired vision loss from an eye injury may have a negative impact on many daily living, leisure, or work-related activities. Professionals such as Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (VRTs) provide the primary rehabilitation training for vision loss. VRT services are available from your state’s rehabilitation department, or local non-profit agency, A no out-of-pocket cost.

As you get ready for the great outdoors this spring, remember to put on protective eyewear for your favorite sporting or leisure activities!

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